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Our records are updated as soon as we can. This often happens on a regular basis and is updated daily. However, we do not guarantee that our databases will always be updated daily due to the possibility of accidental errors, system errors and other various technical errors, policies and capabilities of government departments whose records are required, as well as additional reasons or circumstances that are beyond our control or responsibility.

You should avoid this service in any of the following scenarios:

You are in a desperate attempt to uncover a specific find about a specific person.
Do not agree or do not understand our terms of service, or you will easily get confused
Interested in records that go beyond the policy of the US government.
Do not agree with our terms and conditions.

Important note:
Public records are available nationwide, however in some states they are limited and may not provide the type of records you are looking for.
The violencepreventionweek.org service is in no way affiliated or affiliated with the government. violencepreventionweek.org simply means public resources.
The public record databases on our site are focused only on records from the USA. We cannot guarantee that ALL records are accurate or available in our databases and should not be used to make hiring decisions, illegal actions, harassment, harassment or embarrassment of others.


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Termination of the provision of services

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