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Arrested for assault - Tift County, Georgia

Darrell Mack Arrest Age 27
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Mar 06, 2016
• simple assault - family violence
• simple assault - family violence
• criminal trespass fv
• criminal trespass fv
Darrell Mack Arrest Age 18
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Mar 14, 2015
• hold for warrant-agg. assault
Stephen Madden Arrest Age 43
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Feb 03, 2014
• prob. vio/ fel. orig charge-molest/rape/agg. assault
• false imprisonment(family violence)-
• stalking(family violence)-
Stephen Madden Bond: $1750
Arrest Age 44
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Oct 23, 2008
• probation vio/ felony original-o/c possession of cocaine
• aggravated assault.- $1750 notes: bond order setting bond at 3500.00 on both charges per judge reinhardt bond hearing continued until prob hearing per judge reinhardt 12/10/08 no bond per judge york
• robbery by sudden snatching- $1750 notes: bond order setting bond at $ 3500.00 on both charges p
Johnny Majors Bond: $840
Arrest Age 30
Fitzgerald, Tift, GA
Arrested Sep 23, 2007
• reckless driving- $840
• speeding-80/55 $700
• improper stopping/slowing in lane-of traffic $280
• driving with license suspended-or revoked $2100
• aggravated assault.- $5000
• driving w/o valid tag /license-plate $280
• brake lights and turn signals-required $
Lori Manders Arrest Age 50
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Nov 04, 2005
• probation vio/ felony original-aggravated assault
Adam Manuel Bond: $4000
Arrest Age 42
Enigma, Tift, GA
Arrested Apr 12, 2006
• parole violation-
• aggravated assault.- $4000 notes: otn
• no bond per york
Adam Manuel Arrest Age 48
Sylvester, Tift, GA
Arrested Dec 05, 2005
• hold for worth co-fta ( agg assault)
Nadine Manuel Arrest Age 48
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Dec 14, 2014
• probation violation (when probation term-s are altered) for fingerprintable charg
Margarito Manzanilla Bond: $5000
Arrest Age 62
Unionville, Tift, GA
Arrested Mar 06, 2004
• aggravated assault.- $5000 notes: bond with conditions
Donald Marchant Arrest Age 38
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Jul 02, 2011
• murder; felony murder.-malice murder
• murder; felony murder.-special presentment
• aggravated assault.-special presentment
Antonio Marshall Bond: $5000
Arrest Age 31
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Jun 22, 2013
• aggravated assault.-family violence $5000 notes: bond set at $5000.00 per judge condition.
Damien Marshall Arrest Age 59
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Jul 26, 2017
• simple assault - family violence
• simple assault - family violence
• probation violation
• probation violation
Hope Marshall Arrest Age 27
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested May 24, 2007
• theft by shoplifting.-
• probation vio/ felony original-aggravated assualt
• # 139148881
Justin Marshall Arrest Age 24
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested May 04, 2013
• agg. assault on a peace officer-
• agg. assault on a peace officer-
Lester Marshall Arrest Age 20
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Jan 29, 2013
• armed robbery-
• aggravated assault.-
James Martin Bond: $5000
Arrest Age 32
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested May 01, 2005
• aggravated assault.- $5000 notes: bond set at $5000 per judge mims
Kenneth Martin Bond: $24000
Arrest Age 28
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Dec 30, 2005
• simple battery-family violence
• obstruction or hindering law-enforcement officers.
• bondsman off bond-agg assault 4cts cruelty to child $24000 notes: state court
Timothy Martin Arrest Age 43
Omega, Tift, GA
Arrested Mar 02, 2019
• aggravated assault
• aggravated assault
• false imprisonment
• false imprisonment
• terroristic threats and acts - felony
• terroristic threats and acts - felony
Alejandro Martinez Arrest Age 45
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Jul 31, 2009
• murder; felony murder.-
• poss firearm by convicted-felons & first offenders
Juan Martinez Bond: $10000
Arrest Age 22
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Nov 19, 2012
• aggravated assault.- $10000 notes: 11/20/2012 no bond per judge cavenaugh t388 12-19-2012 bond oreder set per judge cross for 10,000.00 dollars
Juan Martinez Arrest Age 54
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Nov 10, 2006
• aggravated assault.-
• theft by shoplifting.-
• theft of services.-
Miguel Martinez Bond: $1000
Arrest Age 61
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Jul 10, 2004
• simple assault- $1000
Ofelillo Martinez Arrest Age 40
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Jan 02, 2015
• aggravated assault-
• probation violation misd-
• failure to appear misd-
Rodolfo Martinez Arrest Age 26
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Jan 31, 2008
• probation vio/ felony original-o/c aggravated assault
Brittany Mathis Arrest Age 41
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Oct 31, 2017
• aggravated assault
• aggravated assault
Travis Mathis Arrest Age 26
Omega, Tift, GA
Arrested May 15, 2007
• aggravated assault.-
• aggravated assault.-
• armed robbery-
• probation vio/ felony orig charge-theft by taking
Elizabeth Mayo Arrest Age 47
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested Apr 11, 2004
• aggravated assault.-katie griggs/victim $10,000.00 with bond conditions
• aggravated assault.-deidra sears/victim
Johnny McCrimmon Arrest Age 31
Omega, Tift, GA
Arrested Apr 13, 2004
• serving sentence-orginal charge simple assault
Frank McDaniel Arrest Age 18
Tifton, Tift, GA
Arrested May 04, 2017
• aggravated assault
• aggravated assault
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To find arrest records by county in Georgia, you can follow these steps:

Georgia Felon Search: The Georgia Felon Search website allows you to search for individuals who have been convicted of felony offenses in the state. While it may not provide comprehensive arrest records, it can provide information about felony convictions. You can visit the Georgia Felon Search website ( and search using the person’s name or Georgia Department of Corrections ID to find felony records.

County Sheriff’s Office: Each county in Georgia has its own sheriff’s office, which often maintains arrest records for their jurisdiction. You can visit the website or contact the sheriff’s office of the specific county you are interested in to inquire about arrest records. They may have online search tools or provide instructions on how to access arrest records.

Fulton County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Cobb County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Chatham County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Richmond County Sheriff’s Office (Augusta): Website –
Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office (Columbus): Website –
Public Records Request: You can submit a public records request to the appropriate government agency in Georgia, such as the sheriff’s office or the county clerk’s office, to obtain arrest records. Each agency may have its own process for handling public records requests, so you will need to contact them directly to inquire about the necessary steps.

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