Find arrest records by county in Iowa (IA)

To find arrest records by county in Iowa, you can follow these steps:

County Sheriff’s Office: Each county in Iowa has its own sheriff’s office, which often maintains arrest records for their jurisdiction. You can visit the website or contact the sheriff’s office of the specific county you are interested in to inquire about arrest records. They may have online search tools or provide instructions on how to access arrest records.

Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Clinton County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Dallas County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Hardin County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Johnson County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Linn County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Marshall County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Polk County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Scott County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Story County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Warren County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office: Website –
Public Records Request: You can submit a public records request to the appropriate government agency in Iowa, such as the sheriff’s office or the county clerk’s office, to obtain arrest records. Each agency may have its own process for handling public records requests, so you will need to contact them directly to inquire about the necessary steps.

Arrest Records By County - Iowa (IA)

Cerro Gordo  Clinton  Dallas Dubuque  Hardin  Johnson  Linn  Marshall  Polk  Scott  Story  Warren  Woodbury 

Arrested for assault - Dallas County, Iowa

Tanya Christine-Marie Maldonado Bond: $1600
Omaha, Dallas, IA
Arrested May 27, 2018
• provide false identification information
• robbery-theft 5th degree
• assault causing bodily injury
Angel Remigo Martinez-Garrido Bond: $6000
Arrest Age 24
Perry, Dallas, IA
Arrested Oct 24, 2015
• bwrt fta domestic abuse assault/vnco $2000.00 cash only
• bwrt fta possession of a controlled substance 2nd offense $2000.00 cash only
• bwrt fta possession of drug paraphernalia $2000.00 cash only
Barnabe Martinez-Vazquez Bond: $5000
Arrest Age -1
Bouton, Dallas, IA
Arrested Oct 06, 2013
• bwrt/fta domestic assault serious
Keenan Paul Mayhugh Arrest Age 43
Adel, Dallas, IA
Arrested Aug 19, 2015
• bwrt/fta domestic abuse assault with injury/violation no contact order- no bond
• bwrt/fta willful injury causing bodily injury- $25,000 cash
• bwrt/fta domestic abuse assault- $2,000 cash
• bwrt/fta willful injury causing bodily injury- $25,000 c/s
Donald Leroy-Second McChesney Bond: $2000
Perry, Dallas, IA
Arrested Jul 17, 2016
• assault causing injury-peace officers and others (agg)
• harassment - 1st degree
• simulated public intoxication 3rd or subsq offense
• interference with official acts-serious injury
Dominic James McClain Bond: $300
Dexter, Dallas, IA
Arrested Aug 04, 2018
• assault-simple
Sharron Yvonne McWherter Perry, Dallas, IA
Arrested Oct 24, 2016
• domestic assault w/ injury
Miles David Merical Bond: $2000
Arrest Age 23
Bondurant, Dallas, IA
Arrested Feb 04, 2015
• bwrt/fta domestic assault causing injury
Eunica Jeren-Pole Merriweather Bond: $1000
Des Moines, Dallas, IA
Arrested Nov 15, 2016
• assault causing bodily injury
Frank Henry-Carl Meyer Bond: $5000
Arrest Age 25
Waukee, Dallas, IA
Arrested Apr 21, 2013
• assault on a peace officer, interference with official acts
Ashley Marguerite Miller Bond: $1000
Arrest Age 39
Iowa City, Dallas, IA
Arrested Oct 23, 2015
• bwrt/fta assault
Craig Lee Miller Van Meter, Dallas, IA
Arrested Mar 05, 2017
• assault-intent to inflict serious injury
Nathan Charles Mitchell Perry, Dallas, IA
Arrested Sep 29, 2017
• consumption/intoxication (public intox) 1st
• domestic assault w/ injury
Anthony Michael Morrow Bond: $300
Perry, Dallas, IA
Arrested Sep 09, 2018
• consumption/intoxication (public intox) 1st
• contempt - violation of no contact or protective order
• intimidation domestic abuse-simple assault
Steven Charles Moss Bond: $2000
Perry, Dallas, IA
Arrested Aug 29, 2016
• assault-intent to inflict serious injury

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