Arrest Records By County – Kentucky

Are arrest records public in Kentucky? To find arrest records by county in Kentucky, you can follow these steps: Kentucky Online Offender Lookup (KOOL) System: The Kentucky Online Offender Lookup (KOOL) System allows you to search for offenders and access certain information, including arrest records, in Kentucky. You can visit the KOOL website ( and … Read more

Arrest Records By County – Idaho

To find arrest records by county in Idaho, you can follow these steps: County Sheriff’s Office: Each county in Idaho has its own sheriff’s office, which often maintains arrest records for their jurisdiction. You can visit the website or contact the sheriff’s office of the specific county you are interested in to inquire about arrest … Read more

Assault charges in Florida (FL)

Florida law classifies Simple Assault as a second degree misdemeanor, with penalties of up to 60 days in jail or 6 months probation, and a $500.00 fine. By contrast, the crime of Aggravated Assault is classified as a third degree felony, punishable by up to 5 years of imprisonment. Arrest Records By County – Florida (FL) … Read more

Assault charges in Colorado (CO)

Assault can be charged as first degree assault, second degree assault and third degree assault in Colorado with first degree being the most serious. Penalties for Assault and Battery in Colorado ; Charge. Classification. Penalty ; Assault: First and Second Degree. Felony. Class 3: $3,000 to $750,000 in fines. Arrest Records By County – Colorado … Read more

Assault charges in California(CA)

An assault is an unlawful attempt, coupled with a present ability, to commit a violent injury on the person of another. California law criminalizes assault, which is defined in Penal Code section 240 as an unlawful attempt to commit a violent injury on a person coupled with the present ability to do so. If you … Read more

Assault charges in Arizona (AZ)

Class 3 misdemeanor assaults involve touching another person with the intent to injure or provoke. This carries a maximum sentence of 30 days in jail, a $500 fine, and up to 12 months of probation. Class 2 misdemeanor assaults involve the threat of inflicting physical injury. This type of misdemeanor has a maximum sentence of … Read more

Assault charges in Arkansas (AR)

Assault in the First Degree: Crime and Penalties. Arkansas classifies first-degree assault as a Class A misdemeanor, which carries up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine. Arrest Records By County – Arkansas (AR) Baxter  Benton  Boone  Columbia  Craighead  Crittenden  Cross  Faulkner  Garland  Greene  Hempstead  Howard  Jefferson  Johnson  Lonoke  Madison  Marion  Mississippi  Monroe  … Read more