Assault charges in Florida (FL)

Florida law classifies Simple Assault as a second degree misdemeanor, with penalties of up to 60 days in jail or 6 months probation, and a $500.00 fine. By contrast, the crime of Aggravated Assault is classified as a third degree felony, punishable by up to 5 years of imprisonment.

Arrest Records By County - Florida (FL)

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Arrested for assault - Seminole County, Florida

Shunacey Deangelo Mack Arrest Age 24
Sanford, Seminole, FL
Arrested Feb 16, 2011
• burgl-with assault or bat
• hold for ama charge
• prob violation-or commty
Stephanie Mack Arrest Age 22
Arrested Jan 23, 2018
• fta- aggravated assault
Carl Madrigal Arrest Age 38
Arrested Dec 01, 2020
• assault aggravated w/ intent to commit a felony
• aggravated battery person uses a deadly weapon
• robbery with weapon
• battery to touch or strike
Jimmy Maisonave Arrest Age 26
Arrested Jun 17, 2017
• rowv
• battery on officer
• battery touch or strike-dv
• simple assault threat to do violence -dv
• resist obstruct wo violence
• vop/battery
Robert Malanga Arrest Age 49
Arrested May 20, 2017
• aggravated assault with a deadly weapon w/o intent to kill
Christopher Colon Maldonado Arrest Age 34
Arrested Mar 11, 2022
• agg assault w/dead weapon w/out intent to kill dv related
Jaclyn Maldonado Arrest Age 44
Arrested Feb 14, 2020
• fta- criminal mischief 200 dollars to 1000 dollars- j.krause
• fta use or possession of drug paraphernalia- j. krause
• fta assault domestic violence- j. krause
Richard Maldonado Arrest Age 24
Arrested Sep 22, 2020
• vop shoot throw missile bldg veh
• vop shoot throw missile bldg veh
• vop agg assault w/ weapon no intent to harm
• vop agg assault w/ weapon no intent to harm
• vop agg assault w/ weapon no intent to harm
Efrain Maldonado-Mendoza Arrest Age 32
Altamonte Springs, Seminole, FL
Arrested Sep 12, 2011
• assault-with intent to co
• drug equip-possess-drug p
• damage property-crim misch-20
• hold for ama charge
Javaris Manning Arrest Age 49
Arrested Sep 14, 2018
• aggravated assault with a deadly weapon w/t intent to kill
• marijuana-possess- not more than 20 grams
• drug equip possess and/or use
Pilimilose Manu Arrest Age 32
Arrested Oct 06, 2018
• battery domestic violence
• simple assault domestic violence
Joeshua Marquez Arrest Age 28
Arrested Jul 06, 2021
• burglary with assault or battery // domestic violence
Marcos Marquez Arrest Age 33
Arrested Oct 06, 2021
• battery cause bodily harm (dv)
• aggravated assault w/deadly weapon w/o intent to kill (dv)
Steven Jacob Marrero Arrest Age 28
Altamonte Springs, Seminole, FL
Arrested Jan 30, 2014
• failure to appear / criminal mischief (no bond)
• failure to appear / assault domestic violence
• failure to appear or written promise to appear
• condit release violation-pre trial release cond viol for
Donovan Marshall Arrest Age 22
Arrested Aug 29, 2018
• vop-burglary assault any person
• vop- agg battery w/deadly weapon
James Delfranco Marshall Arrest Age 54
Casselberry, Seminole, FL
Arrested Jan 01, 2016
• battery (dv)
• agg assault w/ deadly weapon w/o intent to kill (dv)
• battery (dv)
• damage property crim misch $1000 or more (dv)
• agg assault w/ deadly weapon w/o intent to kill (dv)
Raymond Martin Arrest Age 32
Arrested Jun 19, 2020
• battery- touch or strike
• burgl- with assault or battery
Christian Joel Martinez Arrest Age 48
Casselberry, Seminole, FL
Arrested Jun 08, 2012
• assault-with intent to co
• battery to touch or strike
• ama alert
Felipe Lucas Martinez Arrest Age 30
Arrested Jul 31, 2021
• state of texas - fugitive - intoxication assault w/ vehicle
William Martinez Arrest Age 32
Arrested Sep 01, 2009
• f.t.a- aggravated assault on law enforcement officer
• f.t.a- possession of cocaine
• f.t.a.- felony d.w.l.s.
• f.t.a- resisting an officer w/o violence
• f.t.a.- possession of cannabis less than 20 grams
• f.t.a. criminal mischief
• fail to register as a felon - def nic on this case
• fta/poss cocaine w/intent to sell or deliver
• fta/possession l/20 grams cannabis
• fta/poss drug paraphernalia
Keaton Radford Mata Arrest Age 49
Longwood, Seminole, FL
Arrested Mar 13, 2014
• burgl-with assault or battery
• ama alert
• obstructing justice-1st degree felony proceeding tampering
Kelly Matlock Arrest Age 24
Sanford, Seminole, FL
Arrested Nov 09, 2015
• burgl-with assault or battery
• ama alert
James Mattox Arrest Age 47
Arrested Oct 15, 2020
• aggravated assault w/ a deadly weapon w/o intent to kill
Brad Maxwell Arrest Age 40
Arrested Dec 03, 2021
• out-of-state-fug - north carolina - agg assault pub off gun
Willie McCarthy Arrest Age 19
Arrested May 18, 2019
• orange county warrant-robbery w/firearm
• orange county warrant-agg assault w/ firearm
Robert McCawley Arrest Age 27
Arrested Nov 21, 2020
• possession of weapon or ammo by convicted fla felon
• resist officer- flee elude leo with lights siren active
• making false report- knowingly give false info to leo allgd
• warrantless vop- robb. gun or deadly wpn
• warrantless vop- robb. gun or deadly wpn
• warrantless vop- robb. gun or deadly wpn
• warrantless vop- burglary assault any person
• warrantless vop- robb. gun or deadly wpn
• warrantless vop- burglary assault any person
Oliver McClain Arrest Age 19
Oviedo, Seminole, FL
Arrested Feb 09, 2013
• robberyby sudden snatching wo firearm or weapon
• resisting officer or obstructing without violence
• assault-with intent to commit a felony
• battery-cause bodily harm
• ama alert
Christine Marlene McClary Arrest Age 34
Orlando, Seminole, FL
Arrested Jul 19, 2013
• simple assault on specified officials or employee
Christina Lynn McClure Arrest Age 18
Sanford, Seminole, FL
Arrested Mar 06, 2011
• assault-with intent to co
• battery-cause bodily harm
• hold for ama charge
Cambria McCray Arrest Age 29
Arrested May 22, 2017
• battery to touch or strike
• burgl-with assault or battery
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